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Why Grass Fed Beef?

Consumers have always been led to believe that all beef is the same.  That is not true.  An animals diet has a profound affect on the nutrient content of the finished product.  The nutritional value of grass fed beef is incomparable and profoundly more healthy than the beef found in grocery stores.  There are more Omega 3's in grass fed beef...  so much more that it has similar properties to those found in fish!  It is lower in fat and higher in protein.  Additionally, it contains 500% more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). In animal studies, CLA has proven to be an anti-carcinogenic in that it not only reduces the likelihood of cancer, it actually suppresses the growth of cancer cells. Grass Fed Beef also:

    Increases Immunity to Disease

    Prevents Heart Disease

    Increases Bone Density

    Prevents Obesity

    Functions as an Anti-Diabetic 

And so much more...

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What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of perishable items, we ask our customers to inspect their product upon pickup or delivery.  We are ruled under USDA guidelines and cannot take meat back into the ranch once it has left.  For your convenience, we do allow cancellations up to 3 days prior to the processing date for cow shares and 3 hours prior to pick up or delivery.