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End Of Summer Sale!

Summer is coming to an end and meat prices are at an all time high.  We at El Potrero Ranch feel the same as the rest of you...we are tired of low quality and high prices.  To combat this we are having an end of summer sale with prices lower than you will find in most stores but with the quality you expect from El Potrero Ranch and taste you can only get from Grass Fed Beef...check it out...we're selling below cost for a limited time only to help our community in need!

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Hamburger 50% Off!!

We at El Potrero ranch are aware of the impact of the meat prices affecting our economy today.  We decided to do something about it so we had close to 800 pounds of hamburger made.  We are selling this below cost until it is gone.  Click the link below to order yours today! 

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Husky Puppies!!!

We have 12 week old Husky puppies! 3 Female, 2 male.  They have all shots and are not spay or neutered.  We don't have puppies often so this is a rare occasion at the ranch!  We're excited to get them to their new homes...call today for more information.  

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